Jumping Fella

2D Game

Jumping Fella is such an exciting game; where you’ll be going along with your fella to reach the highest point in the game. It is a classic jumping game to remind us of our childhood where we try to jump over various things in a trampoline manner, and we always feel fun in jumping. In Jumping Fella, we need to jump from one step to other continuously because every step keeps dropping over and all over again. If you fella took long trampoline like jump, you could lose your fella and life in the skies. Currently, you can enjoy the adventure with 20 interesting characters and 50 challenging levels by unlocking them. We are always adding new features, levels, and characters for you to make this game more attractive.

How to play:

• Jumping Fella is the limitless boards’ game.

• Tap and hold to splash or jump, then release it to let your fella jump from one stand to one more!

• Please adjust the jump of your fella every time so it can’t disappear in the skies.

• Collect coins to unlock new characters.

• Coins have no extra points so that coins collection will open new characters and stages for you.

• Unlock the new levels by collecting the energies.

• Time will also challenge you to different levels.

• Along with coins collection, you need to collect different fruits also like apple, peach, strawberry in given time to unlock the new levels.

Jumping Fella is the most challenging adventure because it’s easy to play but hard to master. All you need is to relax, and take a journey with your fella in Jumping Fella! Challenge your family and friends in this aspiring game and reach the maximum heights.