Nifty Jet Space Shooter

2D Game

Nifty Jet Space Shooter is an arcade game for galaxy lovers available at both App Store and Play Store. The underlying theme of this game is to keep you aware about how to save your Earth from the attack of galaxy rocks from unseen creatures like aliens with the help of UFOs. It is true that humans will be able to master the exceptional technologies in future so that they can explore distant planets in the space. To reach the black holes and new planets, humans will face the hurdle of galaxy rocks. Space Shooter is and will be the only solution to destroy all such enemies to make our earth a safest place to live.

How to Play:

Put your finger on Jet

Move it around and just destroy everything!

Nifty Jet is a classic style space shooter game for all ages, and if you’re a space lover than Nifty Jet is the best game to link yourself with astronomical feat and planetary combat regiment of Nifty Jet. We at used Cosmos theme and striking graphics to make Nifty Jet a best space shooter game.